“Debunking Myths about Personal Training: Your Guide to Actual Fitness Results”

Are you in search of a Personal Trainer Downtown Denver, CO who can actually deliver results? We at Core Progression Personal Training RiNo Denver, have heard numerous fitness myths, and it’s time we debunk them in the interest of your genuine fitness journey.

The Myth of ‘Toning’

The first myth that people often stumble upon is the concept of ‘toning.’ You often hear the term being thrown around when referring to fitness goals. However, it’s about time we summoned this myth to dispense it for good. There is no exercise, or certain weight lifts for ‘toning.’ The definition of toning simply means reducing body fat and increasing muscle.

Here in Core Progression, we empower fitness enthusiasts in Five Points, Co and LoDo, Co by providing training programs that are specifically about losing excess fat and building a healthy muscle mass. Our strategy is to use a consistent program of strength training and a tailored nutritional plan. Say goodbye to the vague concept of toning and say hello to the the science-backed process of burning fat and muscle building.

The Myth of ‘Core Exercises’ giving you a flat stomach

It is common knowledge that no amount of ‘core exercises’ can define your abs if you have a layer of fat on top of them. Crunches and planks may build strong muscles but they won’t help in significant fat loss. To lose that layer, overall fat reduction is the way to go via a balanced diet and aerobic exercise.

In Personal Training RiNo, CO and Denver, CO, we aim to prescribe a balance of cardiovascular exercises alongside resistance training. Core Progression Elite Personal Training follows well-researched fitness plans that are designed to deliver real, tangible results.

Debunk the Myths and Embrace Results

Myths bring confusion and hamper progress. Here at Core Progression, we believe in debunking them to pave the way for scientifically-backed fitness approaches. Reach out to our experienced Personal Trainer Downtown Denver, Co to learn the best strategies for achieving your fitness goals, and wave goodbye to the fitness myths that have been holding you back.