MMD Shops: Your Beachfront Cannabis Destination

Discover the best in beachfront cannabis at MMD Shops Marina Del Rey, your dedicated destination for all your cannabis needs. Established in 2006, MMD has gained over a decade of valuable experience and insights in the cannabis industry. This dispensary is one of four MMD locations in Southern California, offering a comprehensive choice of cannabis products to both locals and visitors to the region.

A Redefined Cannabis Experience

MMD Shops Marina Del Rey redefines the cannabis shopping experience with our top-quality products, professional and personalized service, and unrivalled location. If you need a cannabis dispensary in Marina Del Ray, CA, or Santa Monica, CA, there’s no better place to find your beach bliss.

Our team provides knowledgeable guidance, ensuring you feel informed and confident about your selections. Each of our products is carefully sourced, crafted, and selected for its potency, quality, and effectiveness. From medicinal grade herb to recreational treats, the quality you desire is easily accessible to you at MMD Shops Marina Del Rey.

Unmatched Accessibility

Accessibility is at the heart of MMD’s mission. We believe in making top-tier cannabis easily available to patrons – a goal we’ve achieved with our beachfront location. Marina Del Rey’s idyllic setting offers a relaxing environment for shopping for cannabis. Meanwhile, our other shop branches across the state stay true to the same standard of quality and service.

Take a surfside stroll to our dispensary and browse our diverse selection of cannabis products. We promise a warm, inviting, and unrushed experience. Make your day even more relaxed and enjoyable with MMD Shops Marina Del Rey, the premium cannabis dispensary by the beach.