The Journey of New Standard Grand Haven: Unfurling A Wellness Chapter

New Standard Grand Haven entered the market with a golden vision, embarking on a mission to redefine the cannabis scene and establish a Dispensary in Grand Haven, MI. It wasn’t your regular start, it was the genesis of a wellness revolution.

Inception and Growth

Intertwining our ambition with dedication, we steadily grew, never compromising on our commitment to community health and well-being. The dispensary was the manifestation of our dream – an environment fostering tranquility and safety where everyone could explore the therapeutic world of cannabis.

A New Standard in Cannabis Care

Today, New Standard Grand Haven serves a multitude of patrons, fueling their wellness journey. Breaking all previous molds, we established a unique prism through which to view cannabis–not merely as a leisure-oriented product, but as part of a balanced, health-enhancing lifestyle.

Our journey is a testament to those who dream big, persist and build. Embrace well-being with us, taste the elixir of a better future, offered by New Standard Grand Haven – where the journey of wellness is forever ongoing and beautifully unfolding.